Yvonne Beister

Head of BILD Brand Studio Editorial, Bild.de

Yvonne Beister is Head of BILD Brand Studio Editorial at BILD, Germany’s leading media company. After studying media management at the Ohio State University and Columbia School of Journalism in New York she graduated from the Axel Springer Academy in Berlin, the journalism school of the media company.

In 2009 she won the axel-springer-award for young journalists and worked as a reporter at Berlin’s biggest newspaper „BZ“. After that she ran the Entertainment Department at BILD and also the BILD-News-Office in Los Angeles.

Now she is located in Berlin and responsible for the Native Advertising unit of BILD which was founded in early 2016. In the first 9 months after it was set up, BILD Brand Studio has created branded content for brands like Deutsche Post, NIVEA, FORD, Deutsche Telekom, asos, eBay and the leading German car classified company mobile.de.

BILD stands for great, to-the-point stories which is also central to native advertising campaigns: simplification of brand messages for a wide audience!


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