Florian Gmeinwieser, Head of digital Business Europe, Hilti AG

Florian Gmeinwieser Speaker CMCX 2017 Florian Gmeinwieser

Head of digital Business Europe, Hilti AG

In 20015 Florian Gmeinwieser became Head of digitale Business at Hilti.

He supports Hilti market organisations over western Europe with the digital transformation as well as the integration of digital into their main strategic communication concepts and strategies.

After his diploma as business economist he initially worked as Special Features Director at Wallpaper* in London. Early 2000 he landed a job as Etat Director at 12snap relating to the mobile sector. Next important steps of his career were Creative Director at Mindmatics and Head of Mobile at OMD before joining the plan.net group in 2005 were he took over head of mobile worldwide.

Florian Gmeinwieser is considered one of the most successful pathfinders of mobile marketing in Europe and shares his know-how and knowledge not only to students as lecturer at the University of Leipzig and the DDA, but also as guest speaker in great demand at many events relevant to the sector.



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