Anthony Holland Parkin, Senior Creative Director, Getty Images

Anthony Holland Parkin

Senior Creative Director, Getty Images

Anthony Holland Parkin, Creative Director, oversees and art directs key commissions with the Reportage and Global Assignment by Getty Images roster of photographers. His responsibilities range from managing all aspects of larger commercial photo shoots to hiring and mentoring photographers, through to creating assignment merchandising (including website development) and orchestrating bespoke pitches to corporate and agency clients. He has also been the editor of Getty Images’ annual Year in Focus for the last three years.

Anthony started his career in photography at Katz Pictures in 1999. During his time there he worked his way from production assistant to international editor of Katz Pictures’ high-end celebrity stock division.

Prior to his time at Getty Images, Anthony co-founded photographer’s representation agency, Felix Management, in New York where he was the agent for Robert Erdmann, Julian Broad, Alan Clarke and Trevor Ray Hart amongst others.

Anthony returned to the UK nine years ago and joined Getty Images to build two premium editorial collections, before becoming the Art Director of Getty Images’ photo assignments division. He was promoted to the role of Director, Editorial Content in 2012, before moving to the role of Creative Director in 2014.


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